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Disaster Recovery Overview

Portalogiks Inc. meets and exceeds all best practices for disaster recovery and continuity for managed hosted environments; we even train other experts on it. Our multi-faceted backup approach is designed to cover every layer of infrastructure for SharePoint technologies. Server-side, redundant domain controllers provide a federated environment so users can always authenticate to their sites even if one is down or undergoing maintenance. Backup and maintenance jobs run nightly to provide a full backup each 24 hours of all content, data, and configurations for both the farm and your hosted solution. In the event of a disaster, or need to go back to a restore point, unique backups are available for your site collection going several days. Additionally, encrypted offsite backups are made weekly for all customer data to a location 1,000 miles from the data center.

SharePoint hosting customers can take advantage of dual state recycle bins directly though any browser. This feature provides two catches for deleted files and items, one for your users and one for your site collection administrator or webmaster.  End users can restore any deleted item from their site’s recycle bin and have it immediately re-provisioned back to the source list or library. In the event a team site member empties their site’s recycle bin altogether, all deleted contents fall to an administrative Recycle Bin which allows site administrators to review content before a final purge.

Portalogiks can also custom configure SharePoint’s recycle bin schedule to support your organization’s document retention polices. Additional DR and BCP solutions are available per request specific to your project needs. Please contact to explore enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for your SharePoint platform. Portalogiks consultants and engineers can also work with your stakeholders to establish a definition of “acceptable risk” for your organization and build a DR/BCP model around it.

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