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Collaborative Data Push
Enables content owners to disseminate information across the organization

Collaborative Data Pull
Enables stakeholders such as CIOs to collect information across the organization

Collaborative Data Interchange
Enables data and people to collaborate independenly from organizational structure

Collaboration is not a product, technology, vendor, or package. Collaboration is a citizen-driven platform that unifies business process with a unified governable technology. Successful portals focus on establishing effective and sustainable technocracies that create productivity and reinforce business rules within the organization. Portalogiks collaboration scenarios are designed to mitigate obstacles such as lack of data standards and are targeted to:

  • Provide a web services solution where users are first-class objects. This allows people to connect to people, people to connect with team and project sites, and integrates people with line-of-business processes.
  • Create a virtual work environment where all business assets, information and processes manifest through secure web technologies.
  • Establish a common platform to store, access, and manage content from any location
  • Eliminate the redundancy of storing, then transmitting files to groups who may or may not have the capacity to receive them.


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