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An organization is a social system that support a business model whereby the rate at which people can communicate, collaborate, share, find, report, elevate and delegate are the limiting factors in your enterprise. Portalogiks intranet/extranet solutions focus on making that weakness a strength to supply a common framework for implementing all necessary business and organizational tools.

Portalogiks intranet packages leverage people as first class objects that participate, collaborate, and drive processes based on their role in the company. With an information platform that treats users as first-class objects it allows people to connect to people, people to connect with team and project sites, and integrates people with line-of-business processes. Package highlights include:

Line of business process integration allows for key players and departments to drive and mange key business processes and establish performance metrics.
Product/Project classification tools enable management of millions of files while enforcing your company's document's metadata requirements.
Secure collaboration and roll-based workflow review processes.
Business management tools allow organizational units to collaborate with standardized business tools.
Document Standards can be established at the corporate-level. No more Garbage-in Garbage-out with a common shared drive.
Collaborative Data Pull
Enables stakeholders such as CIOs to collect information across the organization

Collaborative Data Push
Enables content owners to disseminate information across the organization

Collaborative Data Interchange
Enables data and people to collaborate independenly from organizational structure

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