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Portalogiks Service Level Agreement Packages for SharePoint Technologies
Number of Support Tickets Per Month 5 10
Email Support
Phone Call Support
Webinar Support
Remote Access Support
Ability to Convert Unused Tickets to Training Webinars 1    
Weekly Server Farm Heath Checks & Reports     
Response Time on Web Application Issues 2 48 Hour 24 Hour 12 Hour 
Response Time on Site Collection Issues 2 48 Hour 24 Hour 12 Hour 
Response Time on Environmental Issues 2 48 Hour  24 Hour  12 Hour 
24x7 Support for Emergency Services  
Custom Defined Maintenance Windows for System Enhancements & Security Updates  
Montly Cost $250 $450 $900
1 Year Contract Discount N/A 5% 5%
2 Year Contract Discount N/A 10% 10%
3 Year Contract Discount N/A 15% 15%

1 Training webinars can be redeemed in the final week of a calendar month with a limit of 3. Each converted helpdesk ticket is limited to 60 minutes to show a feature, systems configuration or get past a technical design hurdle. They are not intended to scope or build large business application or complex solutions. However they can be used for consultancy and SharePoint strategy sessions.

2 Response times constitutes acknowledgement of the documented issue, outlining the steps to resolve, communicating resolution timelines, formulating a plan of action and allocating resources/staff to resolve the issue. 80% of issues are resolved within one business day, other however may require research, planning, or testing to complete the resolution of the ticket.

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